The Moonbow 25K is an out-and-back (Approx. 25K) trail race that begins at the Moonbow Trail head near the Visitor's Center in Cumberland Falls State Park. The course takes runners along the Sheltowee Trace Trail, Kentucky's longest trail. Runners will be treated to miles of winding, single-track trails and natural landmarks that include stunning rock overhangs, bark camp cascades, and magnificent waterfalls. Runners will enjoy scenic views as they run alongside Class III-IV Cumberland River and adjoining creeks. The races end with an iconic finish at the base of one of the most famous wonders of this region, Cumberland Falls. Standing 68 feet high and 125 feet wide, with an average water flow of 3,600 cubic feet per second, this waterfall has earned it's nickname as the Niagara of the south. The Moonbow 25K is a beautiful flat course for those looking to complete their first ultra or those gearing up for their new race calendar.

Runners who stay after the event may be treated to the Moonbow of the Falls on Sunday, September 30 from 8:30pm-10:30pm. 

**There is a 9 hour cutoff time for the Moonbow 25K

Course Details


  • Aid Station 1 (Moonbow/Dog Slaughter Trail Intersection) - Approx. at km 5 and 20) - Fully stocked check-in aid-station
  • Aid Station 2 (Bark Camp Creek Cascades - Approx. at km 12.5) - Fully stocked check-in aid station
Lowest Elevation - 725 feet Highest Elevation - 1066 feet

Lowest Elevation - 725 feet
Highest Elevation - 1066 feet

                                                Bark Camp Creek Cascades

                                                Bark Camp Creek Cascades

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